by Hammertheshark


Using the Custom Token Editor:

  1. Use the color select buttons and the color picker to custom-paint your virtual token.
  2. Changing the color of a group header will change all of its components to match.
  3. Right Click and Save the token when you are satisfied with the color palette.
  4. You can then drag-and-drop it into a Roll20 scene, or use it with your VTT of choice.
Version 2.0 - Beta Launch

The brand new version of the Token Editor! There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes to get this to all of you for you to enjoy. The Token Editor has had a visual and functional overhaul, allowing us to get tokens to you more easily, and allowing you to find the tokens you want more effectively. We are now able to be more responsive to your feedback than ever before and are looking to improve the system however we can. The best way for us to find any issues you may have with the system or to see what new features you may want included, is to go to the footer of each page, where there are links to two forms you can fill out for these.

Version 1.0 - Release

Welcome to version one! This version contains all the features that I considered essential in addition to "Version 0." Namely: Mobile functionality! Color palette save/load functionality More tokens We will be adding tokens to the collection intermittently, as well as working on some future features that I am excited to complete. It is still early days for this editor, so please expect a few bugs! Thank you for your patience. If you want to help fund the development of this tool you can leave a tip here. Thanks!

Version 0.0 - Alpha Launch

This is an alpha release, so please expect many obvious features to be missing, and to find more than a few bugs! Occasionally a token will fail to load, or its layers will load in the wrong order. Please refresh the page if this happens to you.

Palette * If your palette fails to load, try refreshing.