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Goliath Paladin 4 by David WilsonHuman Noblewoman by HammerthesharkGoblin Male 2 by HammerthesharkMale tiefling Cleric by HammerthesharkPirate Captain Male by HammerthesharkMale Red Dragonborn Blacksmith by HammerthesharkStorm Elemental by David WilsonGoliath Rogue 2 by HammerthesharkHalf Orc Wizard 2 by David WilsonGith Blood Hunter 1 by Hammertheshark


Introducing the NEW Token Editor

Browse and edit over 1000 character tokens, creature tokens, and monster tokens designed for the virtual tabletop.

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The Town of Nekturis

Welcome to Nekturis, a town built around an oasis in the midst of a vast desert. Town map and character tokens also included!

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New Tokens – Lizardfolk, Dinosaurs, and Everyday Beasts

95 new tokens are now available on the 2-Minute Token Editor, including farm animals, dinosaurs, slimes, lizardfolk, orcs, goblins, and more!

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New Tokens! Giant Beasts, Aberrations, and Ettercaps

47 new giants beast, aberration, ettercap, and elf tokens are now live on our 2-Minute Token Editor! Special thanks to our token artists, David and Austin.

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New Token Editor Content

A new batch of tokens which you can now find in the 2-Minute Token Editor, containing a variety of elementals, beasts, and more surprises!

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Introducing The Token Editor Team

The 2-Minute Token Editor is alive and well, and progressing at new speeds thanks to the efforts of these three people. Come meet the team!

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